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PXA H800

PXA H800

IMPRINT EQ – Automatic tuning technology. Using the omni-directional microphone in various positions in the vehicle the system analyses the data and automatically corrects any problems and then applies the desired target EQ curve. 
AntEQ – This technology removes any factory supplied equalization, leaving a “flat” response to work from. 
RoadEQ – Automatically correct any road noise issues, in real time. 
User Customisation – The user can customise the sound to their liking via manual or automatic tuning using the optional RUX controller or the computer software. Usually the owner would tune automatically, then make minor tweaks manually. 
MediaXpander PLUS – Improves playback from compressed media device such as iPods and can restore the audio data.

6 Channel Inputs – Up to 10 volts, both RCA and speaker are provided. 
Dual Optical Inputs – Ai Net and Ai Net Aux. 
8 Channel Outputs – Fully active, 4 volts. 
Equalization – 31 bands per channel. 
Parametric Equalizer – 10 bands on front, rear and centre channel. 
Subwoofer Parametric Equalizer – 5 bands. 
X-Over Slopes – Up to 36dB/octave. 
Signal to Noise Ratio – 110dB Digital / 105dB Analog. 
Digital to Analog Conversion – 24 Bit, high performance. 
DSP – Dual 32-bit floating point operation.

  PXA H-100 Imprint
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