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TV 2D AVH Z-2050BT

TV 2D AVH Z-2050BT

Double-DIN DVD Multimedia AV Receiver with 6.2" WVGA Touchscreen Display, Apple CarPlay, AppRadio Mode +, Built-in Bluetooth® and Full HD Video Playback from USB Device


1. Works with AppleCarplay™

2. 24-bit True Colour Panel

3. Full HD Video From USB Devices

4. Enhanced Video Playback

5. Clear Type Resistive Touch Panel

6. Plug and Play

7. Works With Spotify®

8. Music For Audiophiles' Ears

9. Premium Sound Quality

10. Just Connect

11. Waze Compatibility

12. Hands-Free Calling & Audio Streaming

13. Direct Control

14. Customisable User Interface

  TV 2D AVH 8850 BT
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